j’aime les drogues psychédéliques

hitch hiking in nova scotia    just sum pix from the summa
:) PEI foxes… so cute

Wow! I haven’t been on tumblr for quite a long time!
I’ve been working on an organic farm for the past 5 months. I’m learning a lot about herbs, vegetables, flowers, and well-being too! I meet a lot of people here from around the world, and am constantly living with amazing people! xoxo Helping mama earth and humankind bit by bit, or so I hope!


loto flower o.o 

"In saying that without the power of the state, evil men would rule over the good, it’s assumed that the good are those who now have power."

Leo Tolstoy (via nimberlake)

This Fragile Planet (2013)
by Bill Mayer